Important Hints And FAQ About NetBus, NetBus 2.0 Pro And Back Orifice

Is the use of NetBus, NetBus Pro and Back Orifice illegal?

Yes! The use of this backdoor programms without permission of the remote pc owner ist illegal. NetBus, NetBus Pro, Back Orifice etc. are only for educational purposes and for tests with own equipment downloadable from my hp.

Whats about a manual for NetBus, NetBus 2.0, Back Orifice etc.?

For the above reason there is no manual on my page - and I won't send one to you wether by e-mail nor by other means. So please don't ask me for manuals or for support if you aren't able to operate one of these programms.

How does an intruder gets to know my IP-address??

There are three possibilties:
  1. Use of the scan feature. So he will find a random pc, which has the server-component active.
  2. Use of a "Buddy Program" like ICQ.
  3. Knowing it from the provider's DNS-name when you log into (IRC-)chat-channels.

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